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3 things to do in pregnancy

Most women want a smooth, easy, pregnancy and birth. Well, you must put in the energy to get the results! Even then, pregnancy and birth are mystical and magical with no ability to predict the outcome. However, if you put in some effort you can expect good results. We've come up with 3 things to do in pregnancy to help the mind and body prepare for the amazing journey.

1st in the 1st trimester:

-EAT HEALTHY!! If your feeling nauseas then try increasing your B6. You should start your PROTEIN, CALCIUM, and WATER increase as soon as you can. Healthy eating=healthy body=healthy baby!

2nd trimester:

-GET YOUR MIND IN THE GAME!! Labor begins in the mind. This is why it's so important that you mentally start preparing for the unexpected exciting journey. Some great ways to do this? Meditation, Visualization, hearing POSITIVE pregnancy stories, and creating affirmations. Anytime we embark on something unknown, new or scary we should prepare.

3rd trimester:

-CHILDBIRTH CLASSES!! Yes, birth is natural but that doesn't make it easy. The village was always there to support and SHARE knowledge to benefit the next generation. Receive that knowledge and use it to have a great birth. Childbirth preparation is a great way to learn and prepare for birth day!

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