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Birth Plans Make Birth Sacred

Why do birth plans make birth sacred? Because each birth is special and unique to that family. Whether it's cultural requirements, traditions, personal desires, or just the overall way you are envisioning your birth. The idea is you are heard by your birth team and your birth goes the way you want.

Have you thought about your special day? You are bringing life into the world, how do you see it? Why prepare in such a special sacred way? Childbirth classes is a wonderful way to learn about ways to prepare, understand the labor process and to educate yourself on how to cope with the intensity of labor. Check out

Let's keep the foundation to life natural, instinctual, and open for pure growth. It starts at birth.

What can you do?


-Visualize labor day

-Create a kick ass team

-Start preparing mentally and physically for the transition

-Create a BIRTH PLAN

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