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Childbirth Classes Prepare YOU!

Wanting to do a natural birth is in our DNA. We understand that the body built us a certain way and with that allows us the ability to give birth ALL ON OUR OWN. However, we have lost certain traditions and rituals that, as a tribe, we did to help prepare the new mother-to-be.

Childbirth classes are a way to help prepare you for birth. Although, not as fun as the traditional ways like Blessingways where the woman gets pampered. However, still these classes prepare you in a way that shares knowledge and techniques to ideally help make your birth smooth.

By all means, if you can, utilize the traditional ways and soak up the stories from elder women before you. Enjoy being pampered and empowering yourself for the journey ahead. But also take the time to learn as much as you can from classes as well.

Our classes include the birth team so everyone is not only getting prepared but getting excited too!

There are so many different class options out there that you can't avoid the knowledge. Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways and My Mom Glow have teamed up for years to offer a comprehensive childbirth class series. They offer a monthly zoom not only to their clients but open it to anyone interested in wanting a natural birth. You can find their next series on Natural BirthWorks Facebook page with details.

If you want to learn at your own pace and on your own time then Midwife101 is for you! This is the full series they teach pre-recorded.

No matter which way you learn make sure you are preparing and learning about:

The anatomy of mom & baby

Stages of Labor

Coping techniques


Exercises for labor and pregnancy discomforts

Birth plans


and newborn care

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