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Holiday gifts for the birthing goddess

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

What to get the woman who's creating, nurturing, and about to birth human life? We have some wonderful ideas that are eco-friendly, supportive of small businesses and no waste!

  1. Gift her the wealth of knowledge! Childbirth education is key to success for getting that natural birth we all strive for.

2. "With Woman" the role of a Doula. The best gift of all in my opinion is the experienced support of a Doula for a laboring woman. Check out Natural BirthWorks Doula's

3. Blessingways. Although it is a sacred ceremonial blessing to Native American's it's one that is so special, spiritual and beautiful that it boggles my mind baby shower's are still a thing. This event is a women centered event that really helps celebrate and prepare the woman for the transition and journey ahead. My Midwives and friends held one for me for baby #5 and I'll never be the same...

4. Local woman business support with these awesome Holiday Gift Bags! We have some bags we put together for birthing mama's and newborn cuties! Order at

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