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Tips from a Midwife

How do I get the birth I want?

Most families find Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways because they have a good understanding of why pregnancy is natural to the women's body and finding a provider who is trained in nurturing that is essential! Here are some of my favorite picks that I has found to compliment Midwifery Care and encourage families to achieve the bliss of birth:

-Find a Midwife! Low-risk women have better birth outcomes when cared for by a Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife

-Get a Doula! If you do not know what a doula is, learn it, love it, and GET ONE!

-Educate yourself! Learn from a Midwife how very different each birth is and why the patience and autonomy of a Midwife allows for each body to do it's labor flow in a supportive environment.

-Use the lost art of womanly care! The careful blend of ancient traditional care and modern care allows Midwives to care for the family on a whole level.

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