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VBAC Success!

How can I not share another beautiful VBAC success? It's beyond empowering and inspiring for women. Especially in states that have maybe a handful of MDs that support it, us Midwives can't help but boast when our mama's do it.

This mom worked SO hard, broke through all her fear and doubt, and had the best team to get her through it. Your birth team is ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS! It's not just ok to do VBACs but you need to be supportive of VBACs. There's a difference believe me; "I'll let you VBAC" vs. "We are doing a VBAC". This mom had a VBAC friendly birth photographer (who should be a doula), a doula, VBAC supportive Midwives, a great back up plan with a VBAC supportive MD and her family who trusted her and the process.

Midwife, Birth Photographer, Midwife before the coffee kicked in ;)

This beautiful munchkin who worked so hard with her mama!

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