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Why a Licensed Midwife? Why out of the Hospital?

Let's start with the idea of pregnancy. It's a natural physiological process our bodies are built to do. When your body is going through a normal amazingly magnificent journey such as pregnancy and birth it's ideal to have one who is trained in this normal physiological process walking with you, no? Having someone who's studies is submerged in this entire process from beginning to end and even after can keep you on the path to motherhood. Dare we say having such a supportive professional can make it effortless, transformative, and enjoyable?

I always find that when your looking for support, assistance, help or guidance you would go to the one with the most experience on the topic. Licensed Midwives (aka traditional midwives, direct-entry midwives, CPM's) schooling is to train the individual in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. They become a professional in providing care to pregnant low-risk moms.

They educate their families with childbirth classes, nutritional counseling, emotional support, and lactation support.

Midwives also monitor women to ensure the pregnancy, as normal as it is, doesn't take a turn down the pathological route. Their training allows them to perform labwork, diagnostic testing, and monitoring. They also can diagnose and treat certain risk factors and then transfer to the appropriate specialist if it becomes out of their scope.

So again I ask, Why a Midwife? Why out of the hospital? Because that's the best beginning for you and your baby. Utilizing specialist for their appropriate specialty allows for the best care to the client.

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