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Why Natural Birth? Why Breastfeeding?

Why natural birth? Why breastfeeding?

Because we need to sustain ourselves. Because humans and other beings evolve. Because if we don't continue to use it we lose it.

Stop making our body's dependent on inductions and c/sections. If we continue to do this our bodies will try to evolve for survival and we will lose what's inherent in us.

Instead let's nurture a safe gestational period so the body can go into labor naturally and maintain this essential part of who we are.

Let's start providing a supported postpartum period so moms can rest and handle the ups and downs of breastfeeding. Breast Milk is the best milk so why are we not making it easy for women to breastfeed? It's how we continue the circle of life.

Let's utilize Direct-Entry Midwives who's training is for normal, low-risk pregnancy with a well rounded understanding in herbs and homeopaths. This can help us encourage the body to function naturally and nurture the natural birth for generations to come.

Let's utilize Lactation Consultants who's training is in breastfeeding and the deep understanding of health issues that can affect this.

If we continue to use our most important primitive instincts and skills then we will evolve to better these skills and instincts. If we continue to not use them then our evolution will start to lose it.

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