Placenta Encapsulation

As an experienced midwife, we also provide placenta encapsulation service to our mothers. Let me share with you the amazing benefits of your placenta: 

  • May deter the onset of postpartum depression
  • Can contribute to an increase of mothers blood levels of a hormone known as CRH, a known stress reducer
  • Balances hormones
  • Increases energy
  • May help to recover more quickly from birth
  • Can also bring the body back into balance
  • May shorten postpartum bleeding
  • Assist the uterus to return to size
  • Often known as “happy pills”
  • May be helpful during menopause
  • Perfectly made for you!

See below for the listing and pricing of our placenta encapsulation services. If you have any questions, please email us here or call us at (954) 780-9033.

Placenta Encapsulation

  • Full Placenta Encapsulation
    This service includes a prenatal phone consult, picking up your placenta, encapsulation, informational packet, and delivery of placenta capsules. You can expect to recieve between 100-300 capsules from your placenta.

Pricing – $250

Placenta Smoothie (this service not available at this time)

  • Choice of fruit and dairy/vegan
    Having a fruit smoothie with a bit of raw placenta added gives the mom a great energy boost, satisfies post-birth thirst and hunger while providing the immediate effects of the placenta. A great starter while you are waiting for your capsules to arrive.

Pricing – $45

Placenta Tincture (this service not available at this time)

  • Great, long-term energy boost
    Have a part of your placenta tinctured to consume postpartum is a great long term energy boost. Tinctures last for years and years, retaining its potency for menopause use. Great lasting use of your placenta after your pills are finished.

Pricing – $35

*Check out our testimonial page to read about our client’s experiences with placenta encapsulation.