“We have been able to establish that midwifery care is strongly associated with lower interventions, cost-effectiveness and improved outcomes,” said lead researcher Saraswathi Vedam, an associate professor of midwifery who heads the Birth Place Lab at the University of British Columbia.”


“Homebirths and Emergency”

“Your doing a Homebirth??” Yes and it’s safer

Catchin’ Babies YouTube webisode featuring Midwife Gelena!!




Breech deliveries, to be or not to be?

We have become so used to hearing c/section that I think we forget how major it is. So major in fact that if we had the choice for safety of mom, you would choose vaginal delivery. So why do some normal, albeit not always common, births just go straight to c/sections? Twins and Breech come to mind but this article shows not only the beauty, and normalcy of breech but explains why it’s ok! Here’s one of many great pictures taken at this great breech vaginal delivery



Aventura Mall Nurse-In

When a mom is humiliated for feeding her child the most natural, healthy way possible than the troops come on to support. Here’s a link to a nurse-in that our Midwife Gelena and Lactation Consultant Sandra Lobaina attended to support Breastfeeding in Public.


Finally, an article that explains why my assistants and myself are always looking at a laboring woman’s bum! The purple line.

I try to give women privacy in labor, it helps with the flow of oxytocin and melatonin plus its more relaxing for her. The goal is to allow the natural process to occur, to allow the women to connect and be in the moment, to allow the bond between spouse to grow, and to allow the baby to do it’s job with no interference, right? So why do we try to keep putting our hands in the path of exit? So WE can know how far along a laboring woman is? Seems a bit selfish to me which is why knowing and understanding other ways to observe the progress of labor is critical for an enjoyable, natural birth.

Enjoy the reading!

This article gives you a great, quick explanation of why babywearing is amazing, and why babies need their moms so much!

Many of us fear we “spoil” our babies because we hold them too much. Babywearers are constantly dealing with people telling us that. However, it’s in this article, and something we figured instinctively, that spoiling just isn’t the case.


I think we all know each women is different and with nature, and natural birth, we never know what to expect. It’s important to really know this and trust in it. There is a reason for everything and this article shows why labor may be taking a bit “longer” than expected and some things you can do about it. Well written article and I truly hope a lot of providers read this and remind themselves of this truth.

We’ve been saying this for quite a long time, but here’s some research to back us up! Labor is extremely important for babies preparation into the world, even if the outcome is a c/s.